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Welcome to the Arizona We Want Exchange!

The Exchange builds on seven years of community action, partnerships, and research to unite citizens and leaders toward a common roadmap for Arizona.

Learn more about each of the Citizen Goals by scrolling over the images below, then get involved in the conversation and build The Arizona We Want.


  1. Graduate high school students who are “college-career” ready.
  2. Align graduation requirements to national and international standards.
  3. Customize education to meet student goals.

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Job Creation

  1. Increased job opportunities.
  2. Job training programs for Arizonans of all ages.
  3. Lower business taxes.
  4. More investments in renewable energy.

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Water & Open Space

  1. Water management plans for all regions of Arizona – statewide, regional and municipal.
  2. Policies that balance population growth with preserving open spaces.

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  1. Mass transit systems that connect communities throughout the urban regions of the state.
  2. New highways and roads to reduce congestion.
  3. Improvements in airports and rail systems to support trade. Statewide high-speed broadband.

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  1. Health insurance that is publicly available to all Arizonans with payment assistance for those who need it.
  2. Healthcare discounts for people who adopt healthy lifestyle behaviors.
  3. More doctors and healthcare professionals to provide primary healthcare services.

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Community Involvement

  1. A deeper sense of community connection.
  2. More “neighborliness.”

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Civic Engagement

  1. Increasing citizen participation in all aspects of citizenship.
  2. Leaders who understand complex issues and work across party lines.

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Young Talent

  1. Quality jobs.
  2. More “places” where young people can gather.
  3. Protection for the environment.
  4. Culture of openness and opportunity for all.

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